Charm VoxBox

Charm VoxboxI’m so excited to be one of the 10,000 moms on Influenster to receive this Charm VoxBox. I have been waiting all week for my box to come in the mail. Super happy that I got it yesterday. This is the perfect box for moms and their child/ren. It is filled with some snacks and goodies for mom. Thanks so much Influenster!

I received these products for free and for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.

Charm VoxBox

The Charm VoxBox includes:

  • Vera Wang Embrace
  • Wet n Wild 1 Step WonderGel Nail Color
  • EVA NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask
  • EVA NYC Clean It Up Shampoo
  • Mott’s
  • McCormick Organics Taco Mix
  • Peeps Delights
Vera Wang Embrace ($29.99)

A collection of fragrance that evokes the intimacy and emotion of Vera Wang, capturing moments in time to be cherished & embraced.

Vera Wang Perfume sample

These are the samples that I got: Green tea and pear blossom (left) and Periwinkle and iris (right).

The green tea and pear blossom is a “fresh floral fragrance blending the comfort of Pear Blossom and the earthy crisp of Green Tea with note of Freesia and Sandalwood.”

The periwinkle and iris is a “floral gourmand fragrance blending sparkling notes of Violet Petals with the comfort of Whipped Sugar and a tender touch of Periwinkle and Iris.”

Both of these smells great! They have a floral scent. It’s not too strong so I would wear it daily.

Wet n Wild 1 Step WonderGel Nail Color ($4.99)

1 Step WonderGel Nail Color is a true gel formula that provides up to 2 weeks of color and shine in 1 easy step. No top coat, UV lamp, or harsh removal needed! You favorite nail color is a 2016 Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner.

Wet n Wild 1 step gel nail

This nail polish was alright. I love the color though. It takes about 5-10 minutes for it to dry. I had to apply two coats for it not to be transparent. It’s best to let one side dry before painting the other side. It was easy to take it off with nail polish remover. I shook the bottle a couple of times, but the nail polish have some tiny bubbles when I apply it on my nails. Not sure why.

An hour later and I already have some scratch marks on some of my nails. Life of a busy mom! After a couple of hours the nail polish was completely dry and it’s harder to make a dent in it.

EVA NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask ($11.99) & Clean It Up Shampoo ($9.99)

The Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask features Argan Oil to nourish and revitalize, while Keravis Protein Complex drastically increases hair’s strength and elasticity for hydrated, soft and manageable hair. Available at Ulta Beauty.

The Clean It Up Shampoo features Argan Oil to nourish and revitalize, while Keravis Protein Complex increases hair’s strength 3x when used together with our Soften Up Conditioner. 1 Liter bottles available at Costco Warehouses nationally.

Eva nye hair products

I love this shampoo and hair mask. Smells great! It cleans my hair well and gets rid of the oils in my hair. It makes my hair soft, silky, and stronger. The shampoo is very light and good for thin hair. The hair mask is a thick cream; thick enough to form a ball. I was amazed and decide to toss it in my hand from left to right. Haha. I feel like my hair does feel a little stronger. I’ll have to buy this shampoo and hair mask again after I finish these bottles.

Motts’s ($2.09-2.12)

Mott’s portable applesauce pouches are the perfect healthy snack for your on-the-go lifestyle. Now you can take your favorite applesauce wherever you go. Great for lunches, parties, purses, picnics, and halftime snacks.

Motts apple sauce

This is a good product for both moms and kids. I had a taste of it before I gave it to my son. It taste ok; wasn’t too sweet. Snack pouches are really good for on the go. It really is convenient and less messy.

McCormick Organics Taco Mix (1.50/unit)

This seasoning mix is a tasty blend of authentic, USDA-certified organic ingredients, including chili peppers, cumin, and oregano. A fiesta of flavor, McCormick Organics Taco Mix has a bold taste that’s not too spicy, but still warm enough to complement a variety of meats and your family’s favorite meals. Made with natural spices. Gluten-free. Non-GMO.

Taco seasoning

This seasoning mix taste good. It does taste a little bit different from others that I have tried. This one is very flavorful and taste healthier.


Made myself a burrito! (I have braces)


Made my husband tacos!

PEEPS Delights ($1.99)

Enjoy NEW dipped and decadent PEEP Delights! Available in classic marshmallow dipped in chocolate, along with other indulgent flavors like coconut and blueberry dipped in dark chocolate.


I’m not really a fan of PEEPS, but these were alright. I could taste the coconut flavor. My daughter tried it and didn’t like it. I thought she would since she loves everything that is sweet including marshmallows.

Again, I received these products for free and for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.

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Kestilos Cake Decorating Nozzle Set Review

I am so excited that I was given the opportunity to do a review on Kestilos cake decorating nozzle set. It includes 23 stainless steel Russian piping tips, 2 sphere balls, 2 couplers, and 5 bags. I got this set at a discount to do a review. All opinions are my own.

I am a self taught amateur baker. Baking is one of my hobbies and I’m still learning. I’ve been eyeing these piping tips for quite awhile now. I love seeing cakes and cupcakes that uses the Russian piping tips and sphere balls. It is truly a beautiful form of art.

Kestilos cake decorating nozzle set

The set came in this cute box that you can pull off the top. It is small enough to store it in the drawer. I’m definitely keeping the box to store my piping tips to keep it organize.

Kestilos cake decorating nozzle set

23 stainless steel Russian piping tips, 2 sphere balls, 2 couplers, and 5 bags

Kestilos cake decorating nozzle set

Top view: Some of these look similar; One has a smooth edge while the other has teeth. I’m not even sure how to use some of these. Haha. I’ll have to do some research.

I made 24 chocolate cupcakes, but I didn’t have time to go through all of the Russian piping tips. I could decorate these cupcakes all day, but I have errands to do and have to feed my husband and kids.

Below are some piping tips that I use and the outcome.

Russian piping tip Russian piping tip

This was my first one. Isn’t that beautiful? It was harder than I thought. It takes practice to make it perfect.

Russian piping tip Russian piping tip

I love this one.

Russian piping tip Russian piping tip

This one looks similar to the one above. The only difference is the middle part.

Russian piping tip Russian piping tip

I love this one too. So pretty!

Russian piping tip Russian piping tip

Not really sure what to do with this one, but wanted to try. Looks weird. Haha

Russian piping tip Russian piping tip

For this one, I wanted to show the different lengths. Looks like some plants in the water.

Russian piping tip Russian piping tip

Another odd one. Does it look like petals stack on each other?

Russian piping tip Russian piping tip

I was most excited to try this one! It was just hard to end and make the top look nice. Still need practice.

Russian piping tip Russian piping tip

This one is similar to the top except it has texture. I used one of the couplers to do the two colors. It’s very easy to use. It has 3 holes so you can do 2-3 colors.


Some of the cupcakes that I did (my husband and daughter ate some). I practiced using one of the sphere ball tip to do the rest of the cupcakes.

I love these piping tips. They make beautiful decorator. It’s just that some of them are kind of odd and I don’t know what to do with them. I’ll definitely have to research and learn more about them. Can’t wait to play with the other piping tips.

  • Have a sturdy buttercream so it will hold its shape
  • Each one needs a different pressure and height matters
  • Push and pull up
  • I find it easier to add some buttercream on the cupcakes before piping.
  • Practice, practice, practice!

If you have more tips for me, comment below! It would be very helpful.

You can order yours here. Thanks for reading and hope you find this review helpful.

Disclaimer: Affiliate links

L’OREAL Color Vibrancy Intensive Shampoo, Conditioner, and Mask

Influenster sent me a L’Oreal VoxBox to test. It includes L’OREAL color vibrancy intensive shampoo, conditioner, and mask. This is my first box so I’m super excited! I received these free products for testing purposes and all opinions are my own.


Product informations:

The shampoo and conditioner deeply repairs and revives dry, damaged color treated hair. It helps resist color-fade. The mask is a post-color repair mask. Use 2x times weekly after shampoo to repair the hair. All three of these have the formula anti-oxidant + UV filter and ceramide. The anti-oxidant + UV filter helps protect the hair fiber to preserve color while ceramide helps mend damaged, processed fibers.


I really like the formula thickness in all of these products. The shampoo smells good. It does what it’s suppose to do to keep my hair clean. I wish it was sulfate-free. It’s better if it has less chemicals. At first the conditioner smells kind of weird, but it does make my hair smell good. The conditioner helps untangle my hair quickly making it super soft and shiny. The repair mask is a thick cream. It smells good and really help my dry ends. Also, it makes my hair feels soft and look shiny too.