Pantry Organization

I was thrilled when my husband and I moved into our apartment because it had a pantry! Since we live in an apartment, I didn’t think much about organizing the pantry. Before organizing my pantry, each shelf was for certain stuff. Like one shelf would be for baking, the other would be for cans. Each time after grocery shopping, we would just put stuff on the shelf and it would get all messed up.

I decided to start organizing our pantry. We were on a budget so I tried to find things that would work for what we need.

These containers are the IKEA 365+. I found these here. I was lucky that these containers were on sale for half off. First, I made a list of everything that I needed containers for so I only bought as much as I needed. I got the chalkboard labels from ebay here and used a bistro chalk marker to label them. You can find the chalk marker here. If you love colors, you can find colorful markers here. Gotta love these labels! Whenever you need to change the writings, just wash it off.

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted on this shelf so I went to dollar tree. First I got some baskets. It didn’t work because I can’t stack them on top of each other. So I went back to dollar tree and found these. In these I put snacks, candies, ramen noodles, seasoning packets, and whatever that can fit in there. There is a little room left on the side so I filled that empty space with cans and spaghetti sauces. That closet rod is in the way, but I can’t do anything about it. Maybe I can hang chip bags on it or something. Haha

I also got these from IKEA. These containers are called Tillsluta. Not really sure if I like these. The lid doesn’t seem tight. I kind of have to push down the edges of the lid for it to close down, but it works for now. Again I have a little space left on the side to store some stuff.

At the top of my pantry is Asian noodles. I just stacked them on top of each other making sure that they don’t fall. At the bottom of my pantry are the 5 gallons bucket from Walmart. I store my rice, sweet rice, and flour in them. I wanted something to store all my ziploc bags, aluminum foil, and plastic wraps so I got this door organizer from Walmart as well. If you know me, I usually like to stock up. There’s so little room so I have to use whatever I can find to make it work.

I’m loving my pantry! It’s so easy to find what I need. Just wish it was bigger. Maybe when we buy a house! Hope you enjoy reading about my pantry organization and got inspire to organize yours as well!