DIY Hershey Kisses Roses

Hershey kisses roses are perfect for Valentines Day! It is cheap and super easy to make. I got my supplies from Walmart and Dollar Tree, but you can find them at any craft stores too.

It has been forever since I made these. The last time I made them was in high school; that was ages ago. I was in a club and we made these for sale. I remember using some green stem floral wires and red/pink filler papers. The green stem floral wires are flexible so you can bend them. Instead of long stem roses, you can make short stems and turn it into pins to put on your shirt.

There are so many things that you can use to make these. I’ve seen people use:

  • clear/colored cellophane papers, plastic wraps, filler paper
  • skewers, lollipop sticks, green stem floral wires, chenille stems, floral picks

That’s a pretty good list of supplies that you can use for the wrap and stem. Time to get creative!

  • Hershey Kisses
  • Red Filler Paper
  • Floral Picks
  • Floral Tape
  • Leaves (Optional)
  • Scissor

diy Hershey Kisses Roses filler paper

  1. You will need 2 Hershey Kisses. Some people like to hot glue the bottoms together, but I won’t be doing that. It’s optional.

hershey kisses

2. Cut the filler papers into 5 inch squares. It doesn’t have to be exact. Put the top of the Hershey kisses in the center.

Hershey Kisses Roses

3. Fold the wrap from the right then the left to shape the top (or vice versa).

Hershey Kisses RosesHershey Kisses Roses

4. Twist the wrap down so form its shape.

Hershey Kisses Roses

5. Put the floral stick inside the wrap and start wrapping with the floral tape. When you reach a good length, add the leaf and continue wrapping down the floral pick.

Hershey Kisses Roses Hershey Kisses Roses

And you are done! You can tie these Hershey Kisses Roses in a ribbon…

Hershey Kisses Roses Hershey Kisses Roses

Or put them in a vase.

Hershey Kisses Roses Hershey Kisses Roses

Hope you enjoy this tutorial and get inspire to make some for Valentines Day!

Cereal Box Mail Holder

Just taking a break from baking to write about the cereal box mail holder I made last night. I’m not a super crafty person so mine doesn’t look professionally made. I had fun making these though.

cereal box mail holder craft

cereal box mail holder craft
You’ll need:
  • 2 cereal box
  • Tacky glue and hot glue
  • Scissor or box cutter
  • Ruler
  • Pen or Maker
  • Scrapbook papers (Got mine from Walmart. You can buy it in store or online here)

cereal box mail holder craftcereal box mail holder craft

cereal box mail holder craft

First, measure the height you want your mail box holder. Mark the lines on the boxes. You can do a straight or slanted line on the side of the boxes. I decided to do a slant line.

cereal box mail holder craft

Cut the boxes. Check to see if the boxes line up. It’s easier if the boxes are the same size too. Hot glue the boxes together.

Measure and cut the scrap papers to fit on the box and glue it on using the tacky glue. Using hot glue will make it have some bumps. I would prefer using hot glue, but not for this kind of craft.

I made 2 mail holders:

cereal box mail holder craft cereal box mail holder craft cereal box mail holder craft

With the bigger boxes (Capt’n Crunch & Rice Krispies), I used 5 scrap papers. There were only 2 designs of each so I had to use another different design for the inside. Looks kind of weird, but it’s not like anyone is going to look inside.

With the smaller boxes (both Cheerios), I used 4 scrap papers. It looks nice. Made a few mistakes, but that’s okay.

cereal box mail holder craft cereal box mail holder craft  cereal box mail holder craft

I know these do not look perfect, but at least it looks good and works for its purposes. You can put these on the counter, desk, or pin it to the wall.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy and get inspire to make your own. =)

Can Crafts

Cans Craft by A Petite Mama

After becoming a mother, I’ve received some formula cans and bought so many toddlers snack canisters that I just tossed out. If you’re a mom you know what I mean. I kept a few and decided to turn them into something useful. I’ll be showing 3 types of can crafts that you can do.

Date Night

I made this one a year ago using a formula can. The top rim is similar to tin cans so it is nice and sturdy. For this one I use some scrapbook papers and glue it on. I didn’t glue anything on the inside.

Stuff needed

For this project I’m using Gerber’s lil’ Crunchies can. After your toddler is done eating it, hand wash the inside so it’s not oily before you begin.

You’ll need:
  • Hot glue or some other type of glue (mod podge and tacky glue works well too)
  • 2 Cardstock or scrapbooking paper
  • Ruler
  • Tape
  • Scissor
  • Can

Tape edges

If you’re using this type of can, you have to tape or glue the rim at the top. The cardboard was peeling off for me so I taped it. Don’t worry if it’s ugly because you’ll be covering it.

Wrapped can wrapped can and top

First, measure the can and cut the paper. Glue one end of the paper onto the can and wrap it around. Add glue to where it’s needed. My paper was too short so I added another small piece of paper to it. Then measure and cut the paper for the top rim. Place the paper on the rim and mold it into its shape. Take it off, add glue, and put it back on. It’s easier to do this several times. You can do the can first or the rim. It is totally up to you.


My paper has designs on both sides so I decided to use the other side for the inside. Again, measure and glue the paper to the inside. You can toss the lid away unless you want it to close the can.

That’s it! You got your beautiful can!


You can put pens, pencils, and markers in it.

Brush holder

Or use it as a brush holder. Anything you want!

Spray paintGlue

For this other can, I was just experimenting with spray paint. I ran out of white so I used black with a glitter spray. The colors turned out cool. It has a tint of turquoise to it.

You’ll need:

  • Spray paint
  • Glue
  • Cardboard box
  • Ribbon (Optional)

First, glue the cardboard rim so it will stay in place. In an air ventilation area (outside or open garage) put the can in the cardboard box. Spray a thin layer and let it dry. Spray more if needed. Let it dry and you’re done!

You can put things in it or use it as a gift box by adding ribbons.

Gift box Gift box

Hope you enjoy my tutorial. Thanks for reading! =)