Painting for Toddlers

Painting for toddlers is fun, but it can get pretty messy. It doesn’t have to be stressful. So when should we introduce paint to toddlers?

I introduced painting to my daughter when she was 18 months old. She was big enough to understand not to eat paint. She knew her colors too so it was fun for her to say the colors as she paint. My 15 month old son still eats everything so I will introduce paint to him later.

Painting is a really fun activity for my daughter and she always want to paint. The only negative thing about painting is that it is messy. Paint gets on her hands, face, clothes, and table.

Painting for Toddlers

(My daughter at 18 months old painting for the first time)

What type of paint are good?

Definitely washable and tempera paints! Tempera paints are non-toxic and it comes off clothes easily. You would want to avoid acrylic paints since it is not washable and it would not come off clothes. I had this happened before when she used my paints instead of hers.

water color for toddlers water color for toddlers

Water color painting is really fun although it can get messy if your toddler isn’t careful. It is best to use water color paper or card stock paper. I introduced water color to my daughter at age 3. She was able to understand that she has to dip/wash her brush in the water then get a color to paint. As you can see in her palette, she mixed some colors already. After painting, you can clean the paint by removing the mix colors with a wet paper towel. She did good by not making a mess or spilling the water and had fun painting. (She was playing “house” earlier in the background)

Mess free paint

There will be days when your toddlers want to paint, but you don’t feel like cleaning up. Here’s an idea that I found on pinterest. It’s mess free paint! Basically you put some paint in a ziploc bag and let your kids paint by moving the paint around.

Mess free paint Mess free paint

My daughter prefers to paint with a brush on paper though so I’ll just have to clean up after.

Hopefully these tips are helpful. Paints can get messy, but remember to have fun!

Build A Snowman

A family fun activity during winter time is to build a snowman. We received so much snow within the period of December-January that we were able to build a snowman in our front yard.

This is the first time that we build a snowman with our children. My daughter (age 2) LOVES the snow and she helped build the snowman. My son (11 months) wasn’t stable at walking yet so he didn’t get to play much in the snow. He is very curious and wants to touch it. Sleds were sold out everywhere so my son sat in a tub while we build the snowman. It was super cold so we had to dress warm.

Build a Snowman

Before going outside to build the snowman, we asked our daughter to pick out some things to put on the snowman. She was very excited and ran to find things. These were the items that she picked: red hat, her scarf, 2 blocks for the eyes, and a carrot for the nose. Our snowman isn’t the best looking, but our daughter loves it. We were getting more snow so we took off the accessories after we were done playing. After we were done playing and came inside, my daughter always wants to look outside at her snowman.

Build a Snowman

Build a Snowman Build a Snowman